Short walk
to terminal

Parking is just a short walk from the terminal, making it quicker and easier to get in and out of Trenton-Mercer Airport.

Airport Map

Parking instructions

  1. Stop at entrance gate. Push the green button and retrieve entrance ticket from station.
  2. Park vehicle in an available space.
  3. Lock vehicle and take entrance ticket with you on your trip.
  4. Store entrance ticket in a safe place (such as a wallet) because you will need it to exit the facility.
  5. To pay for parking, follow the instructions on the back of your ticket. Remember to pay cash for parking; you must use the kiosks INSIDE the airport, in the terminal and baggage area.

Parking rates

Tuskegee Airmen /Amelia Earhart Lots
Wright Brothers Lot
$2.00 per hour for 4 hours/ Short-Term

Payment machines are located in the terminal, baggage claim and exit lanes.

Lost your parking ticket?

Please download and complete this form.

For further assistance, you can contact us directly: 609‑306‑7805